We are dedicated to providing you and your girls a quality tournament experience

99% of our tournaments are a 4GG with 3 pool games that seed you into a TRUE single elimination bracket. This tournament format has multiple advantages for your team.

  • Play to win every game and the number 1 seed
  • Use the pool games to work on your number 3 or 4 pitcher
  • Use the pool games to work on a backup player at a position

    So, whether you play to win the day or you play to improve your teams depth you still have an opportunity to win the tournament at the end of the night. This is a format you should check out.

    The Best Parks! - 1 day - Great Umpires! - Fields maintained! - 4gg or 5gg - 2 directors on site all day!

    Come Join us and Experience the Difference!


    • Run Rule is 12 after 3, 10 after 4 and 8 after 5 innings.
    • You can bat 11 by utilizing two additional players (AP's). DP/Flex can also be used.
    • You may use a courtesy runner for your pitcher or catcher. The courtesy runner will be the last completed at bat. A player can be used only once per inning as a courtesy runner.
    • No Buckets on the field
    • Pool Games are 70 minutes finish the inning. Can end with a tie.
    • Bracket Games are 70 minutes finish the inning and must have a winner.


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